Best Strains for Cleaning the House

The leaves are falling and cobwebs are piling up in the corners of windows all across Washington State. Unfortunately, it’s still a little early to shrug them off as DIY-natural Halloween decoration, and everyone in this rainy region knows spring isn’t the only time we Northwestern folks need to do some heavy-duty cleaning.

But don’t let the start of autumn break your spirit! Visit Fweedom in either Seattle or Mountlake Terrace to find a few strains that could get even Dirty Harry in a cleaning mood. Trust us, these strains will make your day!


Green Crack by Willie’s Reserve

We all know that when it comes to cleaning, starting is the hardest part, and after smoking one of these pre-rolls by Willie’s Reserve, the giddy and elevating effects will make it easy to get into the groove. So blast some Motown, because this euphoric hybrid will make you have more fun cleaning the grout between your tiles than you ever thought possible.


Seatown Lemon Haze by Western Cultured

As the leaves change color and drop it like it’s hot, weekends mean a steady hum of leaf blowers in every Seattle neighborhood. So make your Sunday morning like Faith No More’s “Easy” with some help from Western Cultured! As you’d assume from its name, Seatown Lemon Haze has a compelling citrusy scent, and since it’s one of the pot brand’s full sativa offerings, it’ll provides energizing effects and mental stimulation.

So forget the leaf blower and put on your sweat bands, motivating strain will motivate to put on your sweatbands and tackle your yard with a rake!


XJ-13 by Leaph

A cup of black coffee can be the perfect start to a day of tidying around the house. And while humans are creatures of habit, it’s always good to try new things. So instead of the old reliable energizing bean water, why not try toking this Jack Herer and G13 Haze crossbreed?

Leaph’s XJ-13 promotes euphoric and dreamy feelings, making it perfect for shifting your perspective on dispiriting tasks like cleaning the toilet or unclogging the shower drain. With this strain, the company has done a great job in creating an uplifting and multi-purpose cannabis product as versatile as our customers are.

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