The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Flower


It's almost autumn, and for outdoor growers, that means it's harvest time. But if you're just a casual smoker, you might not be versed in the difference between indoor and outdoor weed. So allow your favorite pot shop to give you a quick primer!

In the 1970s, drug enforcement caused a strange split in the cannabis industry. To hide from helicopters, growers retreated deeper into the hills and did their best to camouflage their crops beneath the forest canopy. Meanwhile, some growers built state-of-the art grow rooms and began experimenting with farming cannabis in controlled conditions. Ultimately, the indoor growers would dominate the market—potent indoor bud would shape customer expectations and demand higher prices. But despite this dominance, outdoor weed continues to have its proponents. Let’s take a look at this age-old debate.

A stress-free life cycle?
A masterful indoor gardener has the power to control most variables: temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, air movement, food, water, and light spectrum exposure. Simply put, plants growing in this controlled environment don't experience the same stress as outdoor plants that are exposed to wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. Proponents of indoor argue that this stress-free life-cycle produces more vibrant and attractive plants that deliver a notably lighter and smoother smoke.

More potent weed?
Outdoor growers counter the “stress” argument by claiming that the sun’s natural light spectrum produces more cannabinoids and terpenes, which increase the plant’s flavor, aroma, and potency. And there is some science to back this up—a lab in our very own Washington State compared thousands of samples of outdoor and indoor varieties of the same cannabis strains and found that the outdoor bud tended to contain slightly higher levels of THC.

But as any dedicated smoker knows, indoor growers are not exactly strangers to potent weed. So what’s better? It depends on your tastes and your priorities. Outdoor weed is more environmentally friendly—outdoor growing averts the energy suck of a grow room and tends to minimize serious pest infestations. That said, here at Fweedom we know many environmentally conscious indoor growers who are masters of the organic arts. And no true stoner can argue against the beauty and potency of primo indoor weed.

At your friendly neighborhood weed store, we enjoy the best of both worlds. And you can too! Swing by our pot shops in Seattle, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynwood to sample Washington’s best indoor and outdoor weed, including delicious cannabis edibles and THC concentrates.


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