Out of This World Strain Names

When Fox brought the X Files back for a limited run at the beginning of the year, everyone at your favorite Mountlake pot shop tuned in every week.

And while we can appreciate some of the surreal comedy we saw in the most recent six episodes, most notably in “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Beast,” the plots revolving around alien visitors were always our favorites. Remember when Scully scanned her implant at a grocery store and broke the register? Yikes. Right now, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the powers that be bring the show back again for 2017, and that made us think about some of our favorite out-of-this-world strain names.

Any one of these will make you feel like you’re on another planet.


Alien Rift by Willie’s Reserve

This frosty, tricomb-covered bud comes courtesy of country legend and marijuana activist Willie Nelson, and has sweet notes of mandarin orange and pine. Grind this up and roll a joint to get the most out of this exceptionally stoney hybrid.


Aliens On Moonshine by Saints

One of this stain’s defining characteristics is its distinct mango smell, and while it’s a hybrid heavily weighted toward indica with a high CBD element, it still manages to produce a nice euphoric high. Proceed with caution, as you might get couch locked.


Moonwalker Kush by Royal Tree Gardens

Light up a bowl of Moonwalker Kush, and you’ll instantly feel a difference in your personal gravity. Another indica-dominant hybrid, these dense nugs have a slightly sour note and spicy aftertaste, reflecting its parent strains Triple OG and Tahoe Alien.


Skywalker OG by Solstice

Strong diesel and herbal notes contribute to this bud’s strong aroma, but its trademark body high is what sets it apart. Smoke enough Skywalker OG, and you’ll feel like you can use this force. This is a great strain to kick back with after a hard session at the gym.


White Fire Alien OG by Royal Tree Gardens

This 60% indica, 40% sativa split will instantly make you feel like you’ve been beamed up to the mothership. We recommend this as a night time strain, because once you notice the notes of lemon and earth in this powerhouse bud, you’re halfway to la la land.

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