How to Season a Nail on your Dab Rig


If you're using a ceramic or glass nail for dabbing – there’s no need to season it – but, if you’re using quartz or titanium, seasoning your dab rig nail is super important. Seasoning a quartz or titanium nail gets rid of nasty residues from the manufacturing process. At Fweedom Seattle, we’re serious about dabbing. Especially when it comes to flavor – and manufacturing residue is not a flavor we’re after. Check out our huge selection of concentrates, including shatter and wax, for your next dab. You can even order online for same day pickup. Try it out! Your order could be ready by the time you’re finished seasoning your nail.

You’ll need these 4 things to season your nail:
• Nail (quartz or titanium)
• Torch
• Dab tool/Dabber
• Concentrate

Step 1: Attach your nail to a dab rig that has already been appropriately filled with water.

Step 2: Apply flame to the nail, moving the outer edge of the flame evenly until all sides of the nail are red hot.

Step 3: VERY IMPORTANT! Allow the nail to fully cool before taking your dab. This dab is not going to be the highest quality taste already, but you don't want to burn yourself on top of it. Most quartz takes anywhere from 35 to 55 seconds to cool, depending on the thickness. Titanium holds heat for a tiny bit longer, but a general waiting time could be 45 seconds until you've dialed in the exact time for the thickness of your nail.

Step 4: Dab it up! Make sure to completely cover the nail in oil, you may even want to share a dab with a friend (after 7/23, of course) so you can ensure that a large enough dab is being taken to properly get a good season going.

Step 5: Clean that sucker! Don't leave a puddle on your freshly seasoned nail, wipe that baby down with a q-tip to protect the quality of your quartz (or even titanium if you think it's that special).

Step 6: You're ready to sesh! Happy dabbing, friends!

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