Fweedom's Picks for Korean BBQ in Seattle


We feel fortunate to live in the culinary wonderland of Seattle, a city long-famed for its excellent Asian food. And as storm clouds gather and a cold wind blows in from the Puget Sound, our thoughts drift to the ultimate belly-warming comfort food: Korean Barbecue. Now, compared to finding Thai, Chinese, or Japanese cuisine, finding Korean BBQ in Seattle is a little harder.

But at Seattle's best pot shop, we don't just carry Washington State's best selection of the best flower, edibles, and concentrates — we're also seriously into food. And we don't mind logging extra research hours on behalf of our loyal customers.

To that end, we've assembled this short list of the best Korean Barbecue in the greater Seattle area.

Old Village Korean Bistro

Step from the blare of Aurora Avenue into the dark and cozy embrace of this traditional Korean restaurant. The fantastic menu offers a treasure trove of Korean delicacies, ranging from pan-broiled spicy fish cakes to extravaganzas like the Korean Bistro special meal: stewed short rib, bbq bulgogi, grilled fish, steamed egg, soy bean soup, and house salad. A highlight is the exemplary assortment of pickles and sides that come with your order: kimchee, seaweed salad, pickled and sauced radish, and Korean-style potato and carrot salad.

The Grill King Korean Restaurant

Another great Aurora Avenue Korean joint, The Grill King features an awesome all-you-can-eat dinner which includes pork belly, thinly sliced beef, marinated chicken, and marinated pork, plus an excellent selection of pickles and sides. Need help getting through this food marathon? Jump start your appetite with premium weed from Fweedom, the best pot shop in the Shoreline area!

Hae Nam Kalbi & Calamari

Also located on Aurora Avenue in Shoreline, Hae Nam Kalbi & Calamari is as unassuming as it is authentic. Here you'll find the best bibimbap in town (white rice bowl topped with sautéed vegetables, chili paste, soy sauce, an egg, soy bean paste, and optional beef), but no visit is complete without an order of calamari and pork belly. Served on a gas-powered hot plate, the thinly sliced pork belly is coated in delectable chili calamari paste. We also love the kalbi--a mountain of marinated short ribs and onions carmelizing on a sizzling stone platter.

Now that's what we call quality munchies!

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