Don't Like to Smoke? Then Get Your Vape On!


Vaping is a great option for marijuana users who don’t like to smoke. Vape pens deliver a convenient, less smelly, discreet and on-the-go high. Perfect for the cannabis consumer who wants the benefits of marijuana without feeling like a stereotypical stoner. At Fweedom Cannabis in Seattle – we’ve got a huge selection of vaping supplies from some of the best Washington-grown marijuana strains. And, you can order online for same day pickup.

Vape pens that use cartridges have a battery base that can be used with a variety of cartridges that come pre-filled with an oil extract. Some vape pens come with a re-fillable chamber that you’ll refill with new oil when it gets low, instead of purchasing a whole new cartridge.

When purchasing a vape pen, look for one with a 510-thread battery. This type of vape pen is compatible with a wide range of pre-filled cartridges – which will make it easier to shop for refills.

Vape pens that use concentrates are typically made up of a battery and a removable, refillable chamber, with a bowl that can be filled with oil, wax, shatter, budder, or hash.

Here are a few of our favorite cartridges:

WAM Oil Co2 Cartridges: $35 for .5g

  • Durban Poison – 61.3% THC, 4.3% CBD
  • GDP – 33.6% THC, 26.1% CBD
  • Lemon Remedy – 6.5% THC, 67.1% CBD
  • Sour Tsunami #3 – 8.3% THC, 61.5% CBD

Oleum Cartridges: $40 for 500mg

  • Amnesia Mystery – 79.9% THC, 0.9% CBD
  • Distillate OG 9 – 23.5% THC, 62.8% CBD
  • Distillate The Black – 82.7% THC, 0.4% CBD

Liberty Reach Cartridges: $25 for .5g

  • Blue Dream – 73.8% THC
  • Power Diesel – 69.3% THC

Browse our online menu to see all our cannabis products, or stop by Fweedom Cannabis Seattle located at 12001 Aurora Avenue North and ask one of our budtenders for a recommendation. They can help you achieve the high you’re looking for!


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