These Companies Want to Take Your Weed Away


Here in the Seattle area, we're living the good life. Clear air, clean water, and decent civil liberties, including legal marijuana shops on every corner. But don't get too secure. Yes, you can go into your favorite legal Seattle pot shop (Fweedom, of course) and stock up on a plethora of amazing marijuana products, from edibles to shatter wax. But the recent election threatens our autonomy. Money talks in Washington, and monyed interests continue to lobby against legalization. During the 2016 election, corporations dumped millions of dollars into anti-legalization campaigns.

So who are these corporate behemoths who want to take away your natural pain medication and your well-deserved R&R? Not surprisingly the big four are the industries most likely to benefit from prohibition: corrections, pharmaceuticals, booze, and, slightly more surprisingly, casinos. For example, Insys Therapuetics donated $500,000,000 to an Arizona anti-marijuana group. Not coincidentally, Insys recently developed a synthetic cannabinoid compound. Meanwhile, casino owner and Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson donated 3 million to anti-legalization efforts in Nevada and Massachusetts.
Fortunately, these donations were in vain. The American people spoke up and voted legalization in. But it’s important for us to remain vigilant. So cast your vote for civil liberties by heading over to your favorite weed shop to spend your money on Seattle's best recreational buds, and boycott the companies that want to take it away from you. Here’s our list so far:

Arizona Diamondbacks (Baseball Team)

Brown Forman Company

Boston Beer Company

California Beer & Beverage Distributors

California Correctional Peace Officers Association

Campbell's Soup

Chandler Pharmaceutical Company

Cincinnati Reds (Baseball Team)

Corrections Corporation of America

Discount Tire Co.

Finlandia Vodka

First Solar

Fulton Homes Corporation


Holiday Inn

Insys Therapeutics Inc

Jack Daniels

Microchip Technology Inc

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

Pinnacle West Capital Corporation


Sands Expo and Convention Center

Services Group of America

U Haul

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America

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